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Pickleball Shoes – What’s good for you?

Anyone who’s serious about pickleball knows that having the proper gear can greatly affect your game.  Having the right pickleball shoes not only affects your performance but it can also help in protecting you from injury.  When looking for a good pickleball shoe, consider the following factors:

Proper treads

In pickleball, most of your movement is lateral or side-to-side.  You need to pick shoes that would provide stability and prevent slipping during quick changes in directions.  Look for soles that are good for multidirectional traction such as those having a herringbone pattern.  Also, look for soles where the sides curve up which helps where you’re pushing from side to side.  Avoid soles with sharp edges since these can catch on the floor and can cause you to trip and fall.

Lateral support

Good pickleball shoes should provide lateral support to prevent your foot from rolling or sliding during side-to-side movements. Shoes with a stable and slightly wider sole base will help maintain stability and prevent the foot from excessively rolling inward or outward.


Pick shoes with enough cushioning to absorb the impact from the quick, explosive movements typical in pickleball.  Look for midsoles made of materials that can provide good shock absorption such as gel, EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate), or PU (polyurethane).


As with any fast-paced sport, playing pickleball can leave your feet sweaty and uncomfortable.  To keep your feet dry and cool choose shoes made of breathable materials like mesh or made with technology that will regulate temperature and allow heat to escape.


Pickleball shoes take a lot of wear and tear.  It’s best to select shoes that can take the fast starts and stops and lateral motion of the game.  Features such as sturdy, rubber soles will help extend the life of your shoes.


Good-fitting shoes are essential for playing pickleball.  Try to find shoes that feel good on your feet–ones that fit snugly but not too tight.  They should have enough wiggle room for your toes but should not be too loose where your feet are sliding around.

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