improve your pickleball serves

How to improve your pickleball serves

Are you looking to improve your pickleball serves? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Having a strong and consistent pickleball serve is essential for any player who wants to take their game up a level. But it can be tricky to master. In this blog post, we will cover some tips and tricks you need to know in order to hone your skills and make sure that every time you step onto the court, your serves are on point. So get ready – let’s dive into how you can improve your pickleball serves today!

Improve your pickleball serves by starting with the basics

The basics start with knowing the rules on what what makes for legal serves. Once you know the rules then practice your serve technique and form. Make sure your feet and body are properly aligned to begin with – practice proper positioning, and follow through as a starting point for improving.

Vary your serves

For beginners, start with just getting your serves in. Aim for the middle of the opposing team’s service area. You can start mixing up your serves as you get better in the game. A good pickleball player will be able to mix up their serve styles, and keep opponents guessing. Mixing up where you hit the ball on the court can make it more difficult for your opponents to anticipate where the ball will go. Varying the depth of your serve can give you an edge against experienced players who are used to reading serves.

Be patient

It’s easy to get excited or impatient when it’s your turn to serve, but take the time to slow down and assess your options before you hit. Check the court to see if there’s an area open for you to aim your serve, and consider what kind of serve will work best against that specific opponent.

Work on accuracy

Accuracy is key in improving your pickleball serve – practice hitting a target for improved accuracy over time. Try to focus on hitting within the court boundaries, and gradually narrow the target area as your accuracy improves. You can also use a different colored ball or a visual cue to help you practice targeting specific areas of the court. As always, make sure you take breaks between drills so that your muscles can rest and recover.

Practice, practice, practice!

Like with any skill, the more you practice perfecting your pickleball serves, the better they will be come game day. Keep on practicing and refining your technique until you feel confident and ready to take on any challenge.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to level up your gameplay and improve your pickleball serves! Keep up the hard work and dedication and soon enough you’ll be ‘serving like a pro’ in no time! Good luck!

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